About us

Sparkybit is the creation of Alexey Nayda, an entrepreneur born and raised in Ukraine. It has been his passion to work with clients to develop that ‘spark’ which drives them, by developing the software that drives their enterprise forward. Sparkybit’s mission is to challenge the current world of IT services by empowering clients with solutions tailored specifically to their business.

We recognise that at times clients need external resource, and require experienced individuals or teams to bridge a gap in expertise, provide augmentation to meet the changing demands of the business and to enable an agile response to the market. That's what Sparkybit does best.

Our company is driven by family values, with an ethos of "growth of our people results in the growth of the company"

We have a culture of supporting our members to develop their skills and to harness their individual interests and creativity. We do this by providing an atmosphere of open communication, knowledge sharing and collective problem solving. These same principles are evident in how we engage with our clients – open and honest communication, team spirit and an acceptance of accountability. The best work is teamwork.