We are a Salesforce Support Provider and work with clients around the world to optimise their Salesforce solution, including implementation and maintenance.

Initial Setup

Setting up your Salesforce application for the first time can be daunting. We assist clients in the initial design thinking of what they want the application to deliver to the business. Based on the design we will provide an implementation plan to illustrate what will be installed, what resources are required and how long it might take – this allows our clients to plan for and manage the implementation process successfully from within.


Integrating your Salesforce solution with other applications is necessary in order to realise the potential and benefit that this solution may bring. We are experts at API development to integrate with other platforms such as ERP and CRM, among others.

Further Development

Our experts are able to further enhance your Salesforce solution by creating tailored features, unique to your business, to optimise the outcome. Low-level Apex and Lightning Enterprise application development, for example, are some of the expertise we are able to provide.


All software systems require maintenance from time to time, which could be time-consuming and can distract you from your core tasks. We provide a bespoke maintenance service ensuring your Salesforce application continues to run smoothly, adding true value to your business activities.

Bespoke Software Development

Software Architecture

We provide business analysis, design, and architecture specialists who will work with your key business owners to identify requirements and design the proposed solution. By involving key stakeholders from the beginning of the process, the development will be fit for purpose and will deliver the expected value to the business.

Our experts provide mockups and graphical designs to illustrate what the product might look like from the beginning of the project, allowing users to identify with the solution early on and provide relevant and vital feedback. This process is not only engaging but is also far more cost effective – you don’t want to find out at the 11th hour that the solution is not what people were expecting.

The technical design considerations are, of course, equally important too. Our architects will provide input on the technology to be used and costs associated to implement and maintain your solution in the future.

Software Development

Once your design is clear, our teams will develop your solution according to the specification and requirements provided. Our focus is on quality and therefore we will provide QA’s (quality assurance engineers) to test all software before the solution is live. We will always focus on delivering the best technical solution, rather than the most complex.

We don’t only support clients who want to develop a new system – we are also able to supply specialists to work on existing solutions (bespoke or otherwise).

System Analysis

We have also worked with clients to identify system issues. These may be related to performance or security or to optimise or enhance the functionality.

Our systems analysis experts provide a comprehensive and in-depth analysis. We will provide a full report of findings and recommendations allowing you to make informed decisions.

Project Management

It comes as no surprise that poorly managed projects are likely to fall below the expected outcome. This has an obvious financial impact but can also have a far-reaching effect on the company’s strategic objectives.

We know that by providing sound project management principles, we are able to drive the delivery forward, maintain good communication throughout and manage any obstacles that may arise with limited negative impact.

All our project managers are trained in Agile methodologies with demonstrable experience in managing cross-functional and distributed teams. We take an individual approach to each client – tailoring the method and practise to suit your environment