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Providing customers with expertise,
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Hi there! We are Sparkybit

We believe in People
being the sparks
to ignite a Business
or Idea

As soon as this spark emerges - it creates a chain reaction and starts the creative process. As an expert consulting & development company, we make Technology serve People by making their sparky Ideas live and prosper.

This is why we are passionate about fine-tuning core business engines and the technologies behind them. We mean CRM and ERP, the mechanical hearts of companies that strive to bring their customer relationships to a new level.

Do any of these Challenges
or TO-DO's look familiar to you?

  • Configure and customize Salesforce
  • Understand Salesforce use cases, capabilities and potential for your company
  • Smooth out your Salesforce environment for an awesome user experience for your teams
  • Create Salesforce development roadmap or make an existing one live
  • Support and continuously develop Salesforce
  • Optimization and automation of business processes scattered across multiple systems and departments
  • The absence of strategic roadmap for Salesforce implementation or scaling
  • Irrelevance of standard Salesforce flows to your business processes
  • Bugs and errors caused by improper implementation or initial fine-tuning
  • Technical debt in Salesforce
  • Lack of SF admins or engineers

If there is at least one “yes“,
you are at the right place!

Salesforce Services


  • Strategic & tactical planning for Salesforce evolution
  • Risk management and ensuring system's resilience
  • Creating roadmaps for SF development teams
  • Ensuring smooth system scaling in compliance with a business model


  • Build applications with Apex programming
  • Creating Salesforce communities


  • Application customization
  • Front-end and UI customization


  • Salesforce administration (classic and lightning experience)

Implement & Fine - Tune

  • Pardot
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud


  • Conga
  • CPQ

Run Audit and Fix Bugs

  • QA
  • Technical assessment

Building outstanding Salesforce environments for companies loving their customers

Say loud “Enough!“ to the overwhelming complexity in Salesforce. Let's make it a perfect fit for your business operations!

is a devoted partner
for your Business

We are for People-to-People attitude standing above all the formalities.

We keep balance between strategic vision and tactical excellence.

We care not just for Clients' processes, but for customers behind them.

We have voice and opinion thus always raise a hand when there is something to be improved or fixed.

We dive deep, communicate much and strive to fit in to a Client's culture.

Trusted by Industry

Each industry has specific challenges. With nearly a decade of consulting and engineering expertise, we have sharpened our competencies to meet the highest expectations of Clients from Financial services, IT, Healthcare, and other domains. Explore the selected case studies to see how we commit,push and deliver.

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We start with empathetic questions, not “salesy” proposals. How do you define your customers' success? And how do you define yours? These are the questions we start with. The true answers to “WHY?” and “WHAT FOR?” are the key starting points for driving meaningful changes fora business to succeed. “HOW” and “WHAT”are just tools we individually chose to make the goal live, when the strategic path is determined.

Olexiy Nayda

Founder & CEO at Sparkybit