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Salesforce Sales CloudNov 29, 2022

Lead Management in Salesforce Sales Cloud: TOP 6 standard tools implementation and custom configuration examples

The primary purpose of Salesforce Sales Cloud is to organize fast and smart sales. To do this job, Sales Cloud offers users a simple lead management process that starts with lead generation and, in a perfect scenario, ends up with closed deals.

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SalesforceNov 16, 2022

Can AI-powered chatbots for Healthcare be HIPAA-compliant? Salesforce Einstein is the answer

If AI is well-trained, Human might communicate with it and don't even know they interact not with another Human. It's considered to be the most accurate evidence of AI quality. Salesforce CRM has Einstein AI integrated into the core of its top cloud solutions. And also, Salesforce created AI-based chatbots, which are fully customized to meet businesses' unique needs. In this article, we'll discover the benefits of AI-based chatbots, find out which technologies are used to make them smart, and discuss the benefits of HIPAA-compliant Salesforce Einstein AI chatbots for the healthcare industry.

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SalesforceNov 7, 2022

Salesforce Einstein AI: how it works for Sales Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) long ago has become a full-fledged link in the interaction of Human with technologies. AI successfully helps us to find what we need in Google, recommends us movies on Netflix, serves us in McDrive, and suggests us tweets. CRM services providers couldn’t avoid AI implementation, as plenty of areas couldn’t, where AI brings qualitative changes to the lives of hundreds of people. As a result, Salesforce Inc pulled together 175 data scientists to help create Salesforce Einstein AI. Of course, Salesforce, as #1 CRM service provider in the world, was the pioneer and continues to be a leader in AI adoption.

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SalesforceNov 1, 2022

Introduction to Salesforce Flows: a step-by-step Guide on creating Screen Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce Flow enables users to build complex business solutions using clicks, not code. In this article, we'll discuss what Salesforce Flow is, how flows simplify business processes, focus on the Screen component, and also provide you with a guide on creating Screen Flow in Salesforce.

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Salesforce; Salesforce customization; Sales Cloud; Lead management in SalesforceOct 25, 2022

How to manage Leads in Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based application designed for different-sized enterprises to manage sales efficiently by collecting customer data and inputs of their interaction with the company in one place. Sales Cloud CRM features speed up business processes and one of the core ways to do so is to simplify lead management. The lead management module is a solution for the end-to-end lead management process, which allows your team to reach potential clients and build prospective relationships.

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SalesforceOct 13, 2022

All about Salesforce, world #1 CRM provider: functions, benefits, user reviews

No doubt you've heard a lot about Salesforce CRM lately. But Salesforce seems to be something huge, something confusing, and turns out that it's not just an install-and-use CRM, right? We know that it might be hard to deal with it quickly because Salesforce offers a wide range of unique products with specific features. In this article, we will "sort through" basic information about Salesforce CRM, provide you with real users reviews, show benefits of Salesforce, and explain how your teams can work together more efficiently.

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salesforceSep 5, 2022

Improve your business processes with the Salesforce Service Cloud Platform

Interact with your customers more efficiently, give them exactly what they need, and make sure they will come back for your product once more.  In this article, we’ll explain how Salesforce Service Cloud can influence your business; how you can collect all customer data in one place and use it for your benefit; and how to set up the initial configurations of Service Cloud.

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salesforceCPQJul 27, 2022

How to create Product Bundle in Salesforce CPQ tool?

No one can avoid human errors even with a strong desire to create perfect quotes adapted to customer needs. People make mistakes in clients' data, product price, or package items. Keeping in mind such difficulties, Salesforce created a CPQ sales tool to help users in preventing a lot of problems with quotes.

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salesforceJun 27, 2022

Salesforce indexes: how to make your Salesforce faster

Does your Salesforce work not as fast as you expected? Do you suspect there might be some problem with Salesforce? If you work with a large amount of data, the process might be slow because it is hard for the system to deal with each piece of data quickly and efficiently. Such problems might appear while working with reports and list views. The performance of reports and list views depends on Salesforce SOQL queries speed execution. The time processing of SOQL queries is a significant part of working with Salesforce. To reach the higher speed of your Salesforce, we recommend you structure the database with the help of Salesforce indexing. Such an upgrade of the databases simplifies the navigation and ensures your satisfaction with using Salesforce.

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salesforceMay 23, 2022

Salesforce Experience Cloud: what is it, and what is it used for?

Do you want to tell your customers or partners more about your business, and you decided to create an "About Us" page? Or maybe your online store is growing, and you want to add pages about new products there? Use Experience Cloud in such cases to create a new page or portal and integrate it with an already existing Salesforce organization.

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salesforceApr 13, 2022

What is Salesforce?

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is an American company, founded in March 1999 by Mark Benioff. The original idea specialised in the market of cloud CRM systems and providing access to them exclusively as a subscription service. Salesforce is currently the best PaaS solution for business. The platform is used by more than 150 thousand large companies, including Sony, Financial Times, Toyota, AWS, Canon, Philips, American Express, Western Union, Cisco, KLM, and many other world-famous brands.

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salesforceMar 25, 2020

Preparation for Sales Cloud Consultant certification

In this article we will focus on preparing for one of the most popular certifications for western market: Sales Cloud Consultant. Let's take a brief look at what Sales Cloud is and why this certification is considered one of the most relevant by western recruiting sites.

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salesforceMar 25, 2020

Preparation for Service Cloud Consultant certification

If you ever thought about whether to get the status of a certified Consultant for Service Cloud, then this article is a short overview of those issues that you should pay attention to.

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UncategorizedMar 15, 2019

Three Reasons Organisations Should Look to Ukraine for Outsourcing Expertise

As technology advances in this digital age, with exciting developments coming thick and fast, many associate the forefront of innovation with Silicon Valley and the tech giants that dominate the global headlines. There are innovations happening around the world, but, when it comes to outsourcing, many of these hubs are overlooked.

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UncategorizedMar 14, 2019

Adapt to Survive: What’s Next for Open Banking?

It’s likely that you’ve heard the term ‘open banking’ in recent months. Similar to blockchain, open banking has become the UK’s latest buzzword, with many jumping on the hype but not truly understanding what it entails. Since the UK has been implementing open banking in the last couple of years, many of the major banks in the UK have started this process much sooner than the EU. However, with the new open banking European Directive, PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) coming on March 14th, the pressure will be on beyond Britain. The UK will likely be much further ahead in the adoption process, and the EU might use the UK’s open banking framework as an example for the rest of the EU.

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UncategorizedMar 2, 2019

Pay-as-you-go CTO: What should SMEs consider when IT planning?

When kicking off operations, many start-ups and SMEs tend to focus on the smaller objectives rather than looking at the bigger picture. This results in a few bumps in the road as the business grows – especially when it comes to IT planning. Across the SME landscape a common challenge encountered by many is the lack of ability to deliver a technical strategy that aligns with the business strategy as a whole.

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