Salesforce trainee



What knowledge and experience we expect from our candidate:

  • knowledge of any of the programming languages ​​- Java, C #, C ++, Python, JavaScript (Node.JS)
  • basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • experience with databases
  • knowledge of English at an intermediate level and above.

No commercial experience required!

Will be a plus:

  • knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • understanding of software development processes.

We offer:

  • work as PE (the company has an accountant who deals with these\ questions), tax compensation
  • 18 working days of paid vacation, 5 days of sick leave
  • cozy office in the city center
  • a fully equipped workplace in the office;
  • professional growth
  • access to internal English courses
  • participation in conferences and educational events, with compensation from 50% to 100% of the cost
  • social corporate activities and events.

About Salesforce trainee program at Sparkybit:

Salesforce trainee program is an enhanced, individual training supervised by a dedicated, experienced developer/mentor.

The term of study is up to 3 months and depends on the speed of studying the material and performing practical tasks (at least 4 hours per working day). During the program, a scholarship of $ 150 per month is paid.

Upon successful completion, the trainee receives an offer for the junior salesforce developer position, gets involved in projects, and also passes Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I certification, paid by the company.

About Salesforce in the company:

Since 2017, one of the main areas of work of Sparkybit — is Salesforce.

The target market is Western Europe and the USA.

The company’s Salesforce department is a strong development team. Some of its specialists came to Salesforce from other technologies, and some took the Salesforce trainee course at the company.

Each employee passes international certifications, develops soft skills, improves English, constantly develops in new technologies — both in Salesforce direction (Apex, Visualforce, Aura, Lightning Web Components, Salesforce Community, Pardot, etc.) and in software development in general.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an ecosystem for developing enterprise applications of various levels of complexity, which is a close combination of PaaS, SaaS, and cloud computing. The system consists of many components, the main ones of which are: — self-hosted application development platform. Apex, an object-oriented programming language, is used as a means for developing the backend part. For the frontend parts, both a interface development tool and any javascript framework (ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.) can be used. is the leading CRM system in the market, which can act as a tool for administering the entire Salesforce system, and as a visual interface for applications developed in the environment. is a cloud-based relational database, modeled on Oracle Database.

Below is a list of resources (in Russian) to get more information on getting started with Salesforce:

  • An article about getting started with Salesforce
  • An article about the first 6 months in Salesforce — from the Salesforce program’s ex-trainee experience
  • “Get to know Salesforce” video.

These materials were created on the basis of the Ukrainian Salesforce community.

About your Team

Our Frontend department is experienced and proactive. The team is growing not only in number but also in professionalism. This is proven by the constant increase of certifications and awards of our developers. Besides, the department launched the Java University program. The mentoring and continuous practice of relevant technologies contributes to each team member’s professional development. The technological stack varies for each project and depends on the client’s needs. The main vectors of development are High Load systems, Cloud systems, Big Data, Machine Learning, DataScience, and Blockchain.

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