Python Developer



Essential Skills

  • excellent knowledge of Python
  • experience in the development and design of REST API
  • SQL / PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • knowledge of Linux operating system
  • ability to work in a team, plan your tasks
  • technical English
  • desire to work in a changing environment, in an actively developing company.

Will be a plus

  • experience in creating applications using Flask, Celery, Gevent / Eventlet
  • knowledge of the network stack
  • knowledge of the KVM virtualization stack
  • knowledge of OpenStack
  • experience with Docker
  • experience using Prometheus
  • scripting experience using bash / awk.

We offer


  • greater freedom in work, in the choice of technologies and the ability to realize ideas
  • openness and simplicity in communication with all employees of the company, the speed of resolving all issues
  • work as PE
  • cozy office in the city center
  • 18 working days of vacation, paid sick leave.

The interview will take place in two stages (both in Russian): the first is a technical pre-interview the second is a technical interview with the client.


  • To develop and maintain the company's flagship products, including services for backup, recovery and data protection, as well as a cloud platform for managing and distributing all the company's services.
  • Experience or acquaintance with such technologies and systems as QEMU, libvirt, Linux kernel, REST API will come in handy for the project.

About project

  • Our client creates cybersecurity solutions and data warehouses in a hybrid cloud in the form of innovative solutions for backup, protection against ransomware, disaster recovery, data storage, as well as synchronization and sharing of corporate data.

About your Team

Our Frontend department is experienced and proactive. The team is growing not only in number but also in professionalism. This is proven by the constant increase of certifications and awards of our developers. Besides, the department launched the Java University program. The mentoring and continuous practice of relevant technologies contributes to each team member’s professional development. The technological stack varies for each project and depends on the client’s needs. The main vectors of development are High Load systems, Cloud systems, Big Data, Machine Learning, DataScience, and Blockchain.

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