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We're looking for an experienced Backend PHP Developer for our client, who will be part of our core engineering team, helping build the backend systems used by borrowers and investors alike as well as automating our internal processes to guarantee quick application responses and user experience.

Essential Skills:

  • PHP (3+ years of commercial backend development)
  • Symfony experience
  • Understanding of OOP, SOLID principles
  • Development expertise in REST APIs development
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • AWS experience is preferred (or experience with other cloud services)
  • English — upper-intermediate.

We offer:

  • greater freedom in work, in the choice of technologies, and the ability to realize ideas
  • openness and simplicity in communication with all employees of the company, the speed of resolving all issues
  • work as PE
  • cozy office in the city center
  • 18 working days of vacation, paid sick leave.

About your work:

As a Backend PHP Developer, you will be part of our core engineering team, helping build the backend systems used by borrowers and investors alike as well as automating our internal processes to guarantee quick application responses and user experience. You’ll work closely with the team leads and will be given great opportunities to learn.

You’re a passionate backend developer with at least three years of commercial experience in PHP and preferably Symfony, but are ready to take on the challenge of working and learning in an agile environment.

You and your lead will agree on the most suitable learning path, and long-term objectives will be set to help you grow and become a more experienced engineer.

This is what a typical day might look like:

  • take part in daily standups
  • go through the project board to evaluate the work to be done
  • discuss the best implementation with other developers
  • evaluate where and how to refactor or improve the existing code
  • implement the stories with a good test coverage
  • review other developers code
  • collaborate with the QA Engineers to test the stories
  • release your code in production
  • collaborate with the team to design elegant and efficient database schemas
  • collaborate with the team to design elegant API contracts
  • collaborate with the team to improve our ways of working
  • collaborate with the product manager to understand the business logic and write the stories.

About the client:

Our clientis a UK’s leading marketplace for property finance and one of the country’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders. Since launching in 2008, it has lent over £2.8 billion ($3.6 billion) and raised over £1.8 billion ($2.3 billion) of debt and equity from investors.

The client uses technology to provide borrowers with short-term property finance and buy-to-let mortgages and makes it possible for investors — from individuals to global financial institutions including HSBC, Citigroup, and NAB — to invest in the loans it originates in return for a stable income secured against property.

The client is on a mission to make property finance simple — creating products that make it easy to lend and invest in property. We are on track to becoming the largest non-bank mortgage lender in the UK, by building an automated, scalable platform that seamlessly connects investors with borrowers.

About the team:

Our technology team accounts for approximately a quarter of the workforce. We’re split into six cross-functional teams, led by product managers, that are delivering along specific value streams. There are many interesting challenges ahead, and we’re happy for people to move between teams. As an engineer, we encourage direct collaboration with the wider business, and you’d be able to engage directly with anyone across the whole company in order to get the job done. We’re transparent, running regular tech demos every Friday to show the business what we have been working on. This gives everyone insight and accelerates collaboration.

We think that OOP and testing make great software. All our backend runs as RESTful API written in PHP and some NodeJS. We believe containerization, with Docker, is the most efficient way to serve our web apps, and have decided to host our Kubernetes cluster on AWS. We love ️Jenkins, which we use to automate the deployment pipeline, and a DevOps team manages our cloud infrastructure.

In short, we run a micro-service architecture on a modern infrastructure, leveraging great open source tools & frameworks, with an Agile, product-led roadmap that results in code being released to production several times a day.

About your Team

Our Frontend department is experienced and proactive. The team is growing not only in number but also in professionalism. This is proven by the constant increase of certifications and awards of our developers. Besides, the department launched the Java University program. The mentoring and continuous practice of relevant technologies contributes to each team member’s professional development. The technological stack varies for each project and depends on the client’s needs. The main vectors of development are High Load systems, Cloud systems, Big Data, Machine Learning, DataScience, and Blockchain.

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