Creating a bespoke software solution has many benefits, the most obvious one being you end up with a solution which is entirely tailored to your needs.

You will not be paying for unnecessary functionality or annual subscription fees and being at the behest of the supplier to provide enhancements or bug fixes. You will also have the IP (Intellectual Property) of the solution, which for most of our clients is a must. Whilst the benefits are easy to see, actually creating a bespoke solution may not be. Not all our clients have internal design, architecture and development resource at their disposal, and even if they do, a little help sometimes is needed, this is where our range of services come in.

Software Architecture

We povide business analysis, design and architecture specialists who will work with your key business owners to identify requirements and design the proposed solution. Involving those who will be key users of the system is vital to ensure the development is fit for purpose and delivers the expected value to the business.

Our experts provide mock ups and graphical designs to illustrate what the product might look like, allowing users to identify with the solution early on and provide key feedback. This process is not only engaging but is also far more cost effective - you don’t want to find out at the 11th hour that the solution is not what people were expecting!

The technical design considerations are of course equally important too – our architects will provide input on the technology to be used and costs associated to implement and maintain your solution into the future.