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January 04, 2017

Pay-as-you-go CTO: What should SMEs consider when IT planning?

by Alexey Nayda, CEO and founder of Sparkybit When kicking off operations, many start-ups and SMEs tend to focus on the smaller objectives rather than looking at the bigger picture. This results in a few bumps in the road as the business grows – especially when it comes to IT planning. Across the SME landscape a common challenge encountered by many is the lack of ability to deliver a technical…

January 04, 2017

Adapt to Survive: What’s Next for Open Banking?

By Alexey Nayda, CEO and Founder, Sparkybit It’s likely that you’ve heard the term ‘open banking’ in recent months. Similar to blockchain, open banking has become the UK’s latest buzzword, with many jumping on the hype but not truly understanding what it entails. Since the UK has been implementing open banking in the last couple of years, many of the major banks in the UK have started this process…

December 17, 2016

Three Reasons Organisations Should Look to Ukraine for Outsourcing Expertise

As technology advances in this digital age, with exciting developments coming thick and fast, many associate the forefront of innovation with Silicon Valley and the tech giants that dominate the global headlines. There are innovations happening around the world, but, when it comes to outsourcing, many of these hubs are overlooked. One such tech ecosystem is Ukraine. Making $3.6bn worth of IT…

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